Millie bush dog park

Millie bush dog park

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Millie bush dog park

Wednesday, September 30, 2008

Here is the first of my new series of pntings. I am so excited to be featured in a book entitled 'The Dogs I Have Known and Loved'. What a great honor.

I will write more about the process of making this pnting tomorrow. For now, here is what you don't see on this photo. The bush dog that I am pnting is sitting on a ledge of rock that is just under a foot high. I have been working on him for hours and it is not easy to get the detl I want when sitting directly on the ground.

My first thought was to pnt him standing up, but the ground is very rocky and I did not want to take the chance of scratching his paws. Instead I decided to try a horizontal approach. If it works, then I will change my thinking.

Thanks for all the great comments on the first post. I will definitely write more about the bush dog pntings tomorrow and I hope that I can answer some of your questions.

Tuesday, September 29, 2008

It has been a busy, busy, busy month. Between my art shows, my website and everything else, it seems like it has been years since I've been home. So it is time for another 'Dog Post'. This one will be a bit different and it will be about dogs and art.

There is a place in the US called Millie Bush Dog Park. It is located in Pennsylvania and you can go to a website that shows all of the dogs that live there and even see a map that shows their location. This is not where the dogs spend their entire lives but it is a good place to visit with dogs that are about to be shipped off to other countries.

I went to visit these dogs in July, but I didn't get to pnt them. They are so wonderful and I really enjoy the opportunity to have them in my life. So, what if I could show you some of the pntings I did?

As you can see, these dogs are very expressive and I think it is because they have lots of energy. I can never get tired of watching them. So here is the first pnting I did:

You may wonder what I was thinking about when I pnted this. Well, you would think that it would be obvious since the subject of this pnting is a dog. The answer is that I had a strange dream the night before I pnted this that was related to the topic of how the dog looks.

In the dream the dog looked like this:

I was not able to expln it any better than that. It was an odd dream and it did not seem like a good omen. So I tried to dismiss it but it followed me around my house all day long. I just have to hope that it does not influence my art.

Wednesday, September 16, 2008

It has been quite a few years since I pnted a portrt like this one. It is wonderful to be able to do something like this.

It is a portrt of me. I do not think that I have any real portrt pnted like this before. The portrtist did a really good job. He has the ability to make me look younger than I actually am. The lines in the pnting are so smooth and fluid.

I like this picture a lot. It really shows how I have been able to change over the years. This would have been an excellent picture to have done when I was younger.

Sunday, September 13, 2008

This pnting was done in the "classroom" at the International Rescue Dogs Center in Springfield, MA. They have the most amazing dogs I have ever seen. They really make me want to adopt a dog. There are about 90 dogs there at any time and it is one of the top rescue centers in the US.

I was not even aware that this was possible. I have really never been able to pnt dogs in this manner before. I really liked pnting the white and brown fur. The dog's eyes and nose are bright and colorful. I hope that this pnting will go with me when I adopt a dog.

I found this one on the net and decided that I would try it. I used an old piece of cardboard that was lying around. I pnted the eyes and fur before I had a photo of the dog I wanted to pnt.

Saturday, September 12, 2008

I did this one at the International Rescue Dogs Center in Springfield, MA. I think that it came out ok. I had never tried this before but I think that I learned a lot doing it. I was surprised at how difficult it was to pnt the eyes in this manner. I think that the eyes in this portrt work well. They are bright and not too dramatic. I also think that the way that the fur is applied is the best that I have ever tried. I do think that I have gned some insight into the proper way to apply fur.

This is another one that I did at the International Rescue Dogs Center. It was a challenging pnting for me. I was pretty worried about it when I started it. The problem was that I didn't have a photo of the dog that I wanted to pnt.

This was my favorite out of the ones that I pnted. I liked the look of the fur and the white and orange color scheme. I hope to do more of this kind of pnting in the future. I think that it will be fun to do pntings of my own dog. I think that pnting this particular pnting helped me get better at doing portrts.

The first thing that I did when I got this piece of paper was to draw the picture that I wanted to pnt. I wasn't sure of what I was going to do. I had drawn another one of the same dog in the future and I figured that it would be easier to pnt the pnting that I liked from this drawing. I had never pnted anything that small before so it was a lot of work to do. I had to pnt out all of the detls of the dog, including the teeth and all of the little hrs. The fur was hard because of the light color scheme and how much white there was. I also have a problem with light colors and getting the white to look right.

One day I was out on a walk and I saw this little puppy and his name was Lucky. I asked one of the people that were outside if they had lost a little puppy and they pointed to Lucky. He was the one that they had lost a few hours earlier. He was a black and white puppy and he was very cute. When I first saw him he was trying to climb up a brick wall and I thought that he was going to fall. Fortunately the owner of the dog caught him before he fell. She sd that she wasn't even sure if the dog was a boy or a girl. I knew that I wanted to pnt a pnting of Lucky and I really liked this little puppy.

This is the pnting that I pnted after seeing this puppy. I like the bright orange color scheme and it is easy to see the features of the dog. The eyes of this particular pnting was a

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