Cat h130 hydraulic hammer

Cat h130 hydraulic hammer

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Cat h130 hydraulic hammer

Cat H130 hydraulic hammer, also known as a Clevite Hydraulic Hammer and a Clevite H130-1 is a type of pneumatic hammer commonly used to drive metal forming processes such as cold forming or sheeting operations. The H130 is a pneumatically powered hammer designed for the cold forming or sheeting of metal. These tools are intended for high-impact applications, such as cold forming or sheeting, and are typically powered by one or more r blowers mounted to the tool's handle or base.

Although the H130 was designed and built in the 1970s, it is still one of the most popular hammer tools used in sheet metal forming applications. The basic design of the hammer has remned unchanged since it was built, with only minor changes to the tool's design.


In the early to mid 1970s, John Clevite was asked to design a tool that would be able to be used for sheet metal forming and for the steel industry. The original design that was created for the project, which would later be named the H130, was built with a double acting spring. Clevite later decided to redesign the tool based on the success of the tool and changed the design to a single action spring to make the tool more compact and user friendly. The design for the hammer, which was developed and patented in 1973 by Clevite's tool engineering department, was to be used in the steel industry for cold forming operations. Clevite was an automotive supplier to Chrysler, and for their manufacturing operations, they needed a tool that could be used in cold forming operations. The tool, which was manufactured by Clevite, was the first pneumatically powered hammer that was designed for the metal sheeting operations.


The H130-1 (the current model) was developed by Clevite in 1973, and was the first design of a pneumatically powered hammer. Since then, Clevite has released several models of pneumatically powered hammers. The H130-1 was the first hammer to be released by Clevite. Clevite's first pneumatic hammer was the P110, which was also a pneumatically powered hammer, and the P110 was the same as the H130 in design. Both Clevite pneumatically powered hammers were developed for cold forming and sheeting operations. The H130 has been used for sheeting operations for over 40 years, and is still being used in the industry.

The H130-1 is a single-acting, hammer head, pneumatic hammer with a double acting spring. The tool has a power range of 2,500 ,psi to 2,750 ,psi and a speed range of 500–4,000 ,rpm. It is long and weighs, and has a tool diameter of and a hammer head diameter of. The H130-1 hammer is used to perform a wide variety of metal forming operations. The tool can be used in roll-forming, bending, crimping, stamping, shearing, punching, and sheeting operations. The hammer is designed for low to medium impact applications and for high impact applications in which the steel is not damaged when it is struck. The tool has been used for cold forming operations for over 40 years. The tool is also commonly used in high impact automotive and metal fabrication applications. The H130-1 hammer is considered a high-impact hammer because it is a pneumatically powered hammer. The H130-1 hammer was built for high impact applications, but Clevite has later produced many pneumatically powered hammers that were not built for high impact applications.

A second design of pneumatic hammer was released by Clevite in 1981. The P130 was designed for a single operation and was used in Clevite's stamping operation. The hammer was released in 1981 and was not as popular as the H130 because it was more costly to operate.

The H130-3 was developed by Clevite in 1990 to replace the H130-1 and the P130. The H130-3 was a hammer designed for the sheeting and stamping industry. The tool was used to perform cold forming operations and sheeting operations. The hammer was used in roll-forming operations and bending operations. The tool had a hammer head diameter of and a tool diameter of. It was long and weighed. The tool was used to perform cold forming operations for over 20 years.

The H130-3 was discontinued by Clevite in 2012 and replaced with the H130-4. The H130-4 was developed by Clevite to replace the H130-3 and the P130. The tool is considered to be a high impact tool because it is designed for cold forming and sheeting. The tool is manufactured by Clevite in Troy, Ohio.


Double acting hammer

The H130 and P130 hammers are pneumatically powered hamm

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