Well & good dog shampoo

Well & good dog shampoo

Well &, good dog shampoo can be a tricky thing to buy as it’s so much more complex than just choosing one for humans. After all, we’re only cleaning a few square inches at a time whereas a full body bath is something of a full-day affr.

That doesn’t stop us from spending hours scouring the internet looking for the best shampoo for dogs, so I’ve put together a list of ten great options.

10 best dog shampoo for dogs:

1. Nature’s Miracle Dog Shampoo

A good dog shampoo contns a number of things, including conditioning, exfoliating, washing out dirt, and some antibacterial to keep dogs clean and healthy. This option is one of the best dog shampoos avlable on the market today, giving you a complete cleaning in one step.

It contns organic and biodegradable shampoo with no chemicals, like other brands, but does the job brilliantly. Its natural ingredients means it’s gentle on your dog’s sensitive skin and will be good for her hr and coat, even if she’s prone to picking.

The smell is pleasant, and doesn’t have a strong chemical smell that makes most shampoos smell. It does, however, contn essential oils, which won’t be appealing to everyone’s nose.

Key benefits

A complete cleaning in one step

Organic and biodegradable

Gentle on your dog’s skin and coat

Good for sensitive skin

Some essential oils

2. Nature’s Miracle Dog Shampoo

We can’t say it’s cheap, as it’s one of the more expensive dog shampoos on the market, but this is definitely the best dog shampoo we’ve found. It’s not too strong and we’ve found it cleans better than most other brands.

It’s also been thoroughly researched and developed to be a great dog shampoo. Unlike other shampoos, it contns no sulphates and parabens, as well as a range of naturally sourced ingredients.

And with these ingredients in it, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed, and if you decide to use this dog shampoo as your dog’s regular shampoo, it won’t dry out her hr.

Key benefits

Contns no sulphates, parabens or other harsh chemicals

Good dog shampoo

No dry or itchy hr

3. Dr. Scholl’s Healthy Hr Dog Shampoo

If you’re not comfortable with an all-natural dog shampoo, and you want a good quality one that won’t dry your dog’s coat, this is definitely one of the best you can get.

It has a long list of healthy and natural ingredients. This is a really good quality shampoo, and Dr. Scholl’s have tested it out to make sure that it’s safe for dogs.

The formula is designed for dogs with sensitive and dry skin and ears. The shampoo itself isn’t overly strong, but it is a little bit more expensive than some other dog shampoos, which might put some off it.

Key benefits

Contns natural ingredients

Healthy dog shampoo

Not too strong

4. Dr. Bronner’s Dog Shampoo

The Dr. Bronner’s brand is well-known for their products that are not only safe for humans, but for pets as well. This is one of the best dog shampoos on the market, and is a really gentle one, perfect for sensitive skin.

It contns no chemicals, and is also non-caustic and hypo-allergenic. This is an extremely gentle dog shampoo.

As well as being safe for dogs, it also contns some good oils that will keep your dog’s coat soft. You can easily get your dog accustomed to this shampoo if you give it to them from an early age.

Key benefits

Non-caustic, non-irritant

Safe for dogs and humans

Healthy dog shampoo

5. A.C. Moore’s All-Natural Shampoo &, Conditioner

This is another great dog shampoo that is safe for all dogs, and comes with a 50 day money back guarantee if you don’t like it. It comes with a really nice range of different scents that can be chosen, and is formulated specifically for all dogs.

The ingredients are completely natural, and the shampoo is a little bit more pricey than some of the other products, but it’s worth it. It’s one of the only shampoos that is totally all-natural, and uses no chemicals.

Key benefits

All natural

No chemicals

The best shampoo for your dog

6. Wellness Natural Dog Shampoo

As well as being safe for all dogs, this shampoo comes with a 100% money back guarantee. All the ingredients are natural, and it is a really simple, uncomplicated shampoo.

It’s suitable for both puppies and adults, and the mn ingredients are all completely safe. It contns nothing harmful, and is safe for dogs to use. You can mix the shampoo with water and apply it to your dog, or give your dog a quick wash.

Key benefits

A high-quality product

100% money back guarantee

Safe for dogs and humans

7. Dog Shampoo 2oz (Pack of 2)

You can buy this brand of shampoo for your dog for less than the cost of some of the others on this list, making it one of the most affordable products avlable.

There’s no additional information avlable about this product, but it’s suitable for both puppies and adult dogs, and it will keep them smelling really clean and fresh.

Key benefits


Safe for dogs and humans

8. Baking Soda Shampoo

Another cheap, easy-to-get product that is made with no harsh chemicals, and which is suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds.

It’s quite runny, and so you have to shake it well before using it. It has a pleasant, fresh smell, and it’s completely safe for your dog. It helps clear up any dead hr from past grooming sessions, and you don’t have to worry about it drying out or being harsh on their coat.

Key benefits

Comes in a pack of two

Easy to find

Safe for dogs and humans

Key facts

One of the cheapest products you can buy

Does not contn any harsh chemicals

Will make your dog smell really fresh

9. Babywipe Shampoo

There are a number of different types of babywipe on the market, with most of them being very expensive.

For dogs, there is only one choice, and that’s one of the Babywipes on this list. These are cheap, and avlable in different sizes. There’s no added chemicals, and the scent is very pleasant. It’s a simple, natural product that’s good for puppies and adult dogs alike.

Key benefits

Comes in different sizes

Does not contn any harsh chemicals

Safe for puppies and adult dogs

10. Odour Disposal Shampoo

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